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Hot and New Beard Trimming Styles You Can Try Out Today

New beard styles are emerging every day, and if you have the beard, experimenting with all or a few of them will be a good idea. For this, however, you will need to visit a reputable barbershop. Anyway, today we will be discussing a few beard trimming styles that you can try out.

Some of these were already popular and some have recently become popular.

So, let’s check them out.

Styles that Highlight the Jawline

If you have a strong jawline, embracing a trimming style that accentuates the lines close to your cheekbones is indeed a good solution. For that, some of the styles that you can try out comprise circle beard, royale beard, goatee or the modified goatee. But make sure that you visit an acclaimed beard trim shop in Hobart since establishing most of these styles require expertise, and reputable shops always employ expert barbers who have the knowledge and expertise to give shape to these styles.

Angular Styles

All of these are conventional beard trimming styles but are still trending at present.

Here, the barbers will keep full hair on your chin and will shape the top portion along your cheekbones to create various shapes. Some of these include Van Dyke and Balbo style, while others are the short boxed and anchor beard.

An advantage of going for these styles is that they suit faces of all shapes and sizes. So, when going for any of these, you will not have to worry about the shape of your face.

Oval Styles

These beard trimming styles mainly suit men with oval faces.

These include keeping a moustache that covers your upper lip with stubble. But if you are not a fan of a moustache and have a full beard, you can go for stubble that is even deeper.

Just ask the barber providing men’s beard grooming services in Hobart regarding the subtleness of the beard and he will do the needful. Other than this, horseshoe moustache with bars of hair pointing downward or the thin moustache style.

For the Sturdy Face

If you have a sturdy face, the new style is to keep your beard minimal on the bottom of your face. Rather, ask the barber to keep your deeper on the upper areas of your face that are around your lips.

The recent popular styles that accentuate a sturdy face include mutton chops beard, gunslinger style that comprises beard shaped from both sides, the chin strip that is keeping only a vertical strip of hair below your lips and chin strap style where the beard will circle your chin and there will not be a moustache.

Pagan Style

This is the other modern style that has now become extremely popular.

You will find this style mostly on rockstars. Here, only a small beard will be present without any moustache or side beard. So, if you want to get this quirky look, book a session with an expert professional providing beard trimming in Hobart.

These five styles are very popular mostly with youngsters. However, later on, we will discuss the styles that look good for mid-aged and old people.

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