Fade Haircut for Men Hobart

Top Fade Haircuts for Men and Boys for 2021-22

Fade haircuts are new ‘in-thing. More and more youngsters are titling to various types of fade cuts to spruce up their personality and looks. And this trend has been pretty contagious as well, and this knack has broken the barrier of age. Of late, not so young men are tilting towards this new trend of haircuts. Here on this page, we shall discuss some top fade haircuts for men and boys in Hobart, the Tasmanian capital.

Classic Tight Fade

This is the basic fade cut, where you have neatly buzzed outsides and a much fuller top hair, that is somewhat trimmed to give it a definite shape in tune with the clearly skinned trimmed sides. It lends a somewhat compact look and feels to your face and personality.

Buzz Cut with a low tapering fade out the pattern

This is a somewhat innovative fade cut for men in Hobart, who are past their 30s though younger men can go for it as well. As the name suggests, it comes with a low tapering fade with a buzz cut all throughout the scalp to give the entire cut a uniform shape and hair length. Surely, it is more suited for those with a roundish face. Surely, it’s not a boy’s fade cut.

Scissor Fade Cut

This is predominantly a boy’s and young men’s fade cut, more suitable for those in their twenties and teens. This is more suited for those, whose hair grows back heavily with clipper cuts. The specialty of this haircut is that it is unique for every hair and shape of the face and it enhances that uniqueness. Well, it may cost more than the clipper cuts, but here the fades are more gradual and the grow-out much softer, and goes a long way to maintain the shape of the haircut for long after the cut.

Straight up High Fade cut

Again, it is predominantly one of the most popular fade haircuts for boys in Hobart, though young men in their 20s and early 30s can go for it. As the name suggests, it comes with a high top hair, with a gradual slow down of the two sides with fade-outs that further expose the scalp around their edges. It’s suitable for those with a longish face shape, and it generally comes with a divider at the left side of the scalp that demarcates the fade-out zone and high top.

The Burst Fade

This is perhaps the most innovative and loudest of all the fade cuts for boys in teens and their early 20s. This is mainly best suited for those with curly hairs (men of African origin). It gives the boys a typical Mohawk style, with the taper and fading sides and a bushy top that seems to accumulate all the hairs in a sudden spurt of the bush.

Straight up High Fade

This typical straight up with a high fade undercut, comes with uniformly faded sides and a spiky top reminiscent of the hair on an ancient Roman warrior helmet and clear demarcation showing the start of the fading zone at one side. Surely it gives a pop look that is best suited for men in their 20s and 30s.

Therefore you see, if you have an inclination towards fade cuts, try one of these at our salon in Barber Caves. Call us at 04 513 555 67 for an appointment.

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