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Types of Fade Haircut Styles That Can Change Your Appearance

The faded haircut is not a new style. But it is celebrated all over Australia and other parts of the world as it can establish an attractive look. Moreover, there are different types of faded styles and if you are planning to change your appearance, you can consider any of the styles that we mention here. However, if you are in Hobart and planning to change your appearance, going through the rest of the discussion is what you need to do. 


  • Shadow Fade

Whether you are looking to get a fade haircut style for men in Hobart or boys, you can consider the shadow fade since it is simple yet is loved by many. 

In this style, the back portion of your head is worked upon by the barber. He will mostly by making your hair lighter to achieve the faded look. This is one of the most demanded fade haircut styles now in Hobart.

  • Skin Fade

Here, your scalp is exposed by removing hair on the sides. This gives an impression of hair fading smoothly. However, since the scalp is exposed on one side, this will be suitable only for people having strong hair. Also, you need to have enough hair so that the middle portion of your head is well-covered.

  • Temple Fade

This is a designed fade cut that involves making a distinct shape on the front part of your head, on the temple. 

Here, the barber will trim the two sides of your head, above your eyebrows and will remove some hair from the sides to make the shape more prominent. However, choose this style only if you have enough hair on your temples that can be worked upon by the barber.

  • Low Fade

 This is one of the most popular fade haircuts for boys in Hobart due to the unique look that can be created with it. Indeed, if you want to establish a ‘boyish charm’, then this is the best style to go for since the barber trims the portions above your ear slightly to make the centre of your head look more prominent. Also, the centre of your head is not trimmed to give you a messy look.

  • Burst Fade

This is a Mohawk type of hairstyle. Here, the sides of your head are trimmed to give a faded look. But a narrow strip of hair is kept on the centre. 

You can accentuate the hairstyle by keeping a beard which will also be trimmed by the barber to give you a macho look.

  • High Fade

This is another highly loved Hobart fade haircut for boys. This is because here, your hair is side-brushed and the exposed side is trimmed heavily only to keep a light hair layering. 

This style is highly popular because this makes boys look younger, yet charming. But make sure you have straight hair if you want to get the best out of this style.

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